Blackjack is one of the easily accessible casino games whose popularity rapidly spread over the last couple of decades. This game’s objective is for you to get a higher card value than the game dealer without exceeding 21. That is why the game is also known as 21. Although many gamblers consider the game very easy to play, it involves some complex rules and strategies you need to learn before getting consistent results.

There are different variations of online blackjack depending on the online casino Malaysia you choose to play at. But some basic rules and strategies cut across the different variations of the game. Let us look at the key things you need to know about online blackjack.

The cards have values.

The cards 2-10 have their face values in that jacks, kings, and queens have 10points while aces have 1-11 points. That is the first basic rule.

The meaning of blackjack

Many beginner gamblers think that blackjack is any card that totals up to 21. But that is not the case. Blackjack is when you sum up the first two cards that you are dealt. For that to happen, you need an ace and a 10point card on your initial draw. That pays you out a significant amount.

How to play a round

Every player is dealt with two cards by the dealer in a blackjack table when the game begins. The dealer usually has one card facing down or hidden until the completion of the round. You have an option to hit or stand. Hitting means getting an extra card while standing means holding your existing cards until the game ends. In the end, if the total value of your cards surpasses 21, you go bust, and the dealer wins and vice versa.

Bet basics

Before you start playing blackjack online, check the betting minimum and maximum limits. Suppose you bet $50 during a round; when you win, you get your $50 and an extra $50 from the dealer. However, if you lose, you lose your original bet of $50 to the dealer. If the round results in a tie, you only keep your original bet of $50. If you get a blackjack, you get 1.5times your original bet.

Hit or stand

For example, suppose the first two cards you are dealt with are a two and a 7; that sums up to 9, which is very far from 21. You can hit and get an extra card; if you get a 10, your total value of cards is 19, which nears 21. Here you can choose to stand because you don’t want to surpass 21, or you will bust and lose.

The final words

Note that blackjack is basically a two-person game. You are playing against the game dealer, so you should not get distracted by other players at the table.