– Synthesis from A to Z about the card game Uno

Uno card game is a game to relieve stress and create laughter. This is one of the games known to the world. So how does this game play, need any experience? Join us to find out details about the uno card game before playing. Hope our article on Uno will bring you the most general and complete progress. Please refer to the content of the Uno article right below.

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Uno card game rules

Post Uno has 108 cards. Which includes:

  • 76 cards normally
  • 24 special cards
  • 8 wildcards
  • 109 Uno cards are divided into 4 colors.

The law of the fight is quite simple. To start the hand, the first player to play any 1 card. The player with the next move must play based on the first player’s card. Such cards can follow a rule of the same color or the same number. You can also choose to play Wild.

For example:

  • The first person plays a yellow number 2 card.
  • The next card player can choose cards such as: cards with yellow, card with number 2 or Wild card. For Wild cards, you do not need to differentiate between colors and numbers.
  • If you do not have 1 of the above 3 types, you must draw 1 more card. If the card is drawn and there are still no cards of the yellow pants, the number 2 or Wild card, the turn must be passed to the next player.

The game progresses until someone runs out of cards in hand, that person wins. The total number of points you get is 500 points, you will win all the remaining players.

How to calculate points when playing Uno

The score is calculated proportionally as follows:

  • Normal uno cards will calculate the number of points corresponding to the number of cards from 0 to 9.
  • A special Uno card is counted with a pretty high score of 20 points.
  • Wild pieces are the most special pants, they count with up to 50 points.
  • Likewise, the number of cards you have remaining in your hand will be from with the same score as the plus score.

Currently Uno online game is fully programmed for Android, iOS, Windows Phone … you can download or play online.

Experience playing cards Uno should know

Some experience playing uno card games will be very beneficial for you. Such as:

  • Good memory skills. For uno cards as well as moves forward, the better your memory skill, the more advantage you will gain.
  • Keep the Wild leaves for as long as possible. You thought this was like a 2-in-go card. Hold back after you have fewer cards, the higher your chances of winning. Especially they own up to 50 points.
  • Hit the Uno colors you have the most. This way of playing ensures you will not lose turns and can play the next card and get the most cards.

I wish you to play Uno card games online, the actual uno card game is fun and gets a lot of success!

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