How To Win Roulette According To James Bond

It is also known as the Labouchere system. To play online casino, you don’t need to dress in your most glamorous clothes or try your most captivating looks. Leave that to the fictional character. Better find out how to win at electronic roulette using the James Bond method.

To play, you must have $200. Calm down, be patient and keep reading you will understand the reason for this amount.

We will place column bets or multiple bets. Exactly this way:

  • We bet 140 on the highest numbers (from 19 to 36)
  • We bet $ 50 on these six numbers: from 13 to 18
  • We bet $ 10 on 0 (as insurance)

In this way you will achieve the following:

  • If the ball has fallen between 19-36, you have won $ 80
  • If the ball has fallen between 13-18, you have won $ 100
  • If the ball has dropped to 0, you have won $ 160

A Real Case Of How To Win At Roulette

We cannot show you the infallible formula of how to win in electronic roulette, but we do teach you the formula to increase your chances of success. Ahhh, do you want to check how a Free Spins Casino user did it? Here we leave you his game history and his plays.

How Do You Deal With Nerves When You Start To Win?

I have no nerves because in case of losing, for me it is not a disgrace. What’s more, the logical thing is to lose for that is 0.

Do You Think It Is Better To Use A Conservative Attitude Or Better To Be Bold?

For me, as a personal opinion, it is better to be bold. The prizes are higher, although the risk is also higher. I like the tension that exists when you bet hard and wait for the number you have bet to come out. It is a very big emotion.

What Type Of Personality Do You Think Works Best-Playing Roulette?

The fundamental personality is one in which you win or lose, and it does not affect daily life. You should not bet money that cannot be lost. But not only in this game but in any other, like the bag.

Do You Know How To Win At Roulette: Any Advice For Those Who Want To Win At Roulette?

My advice is this: enjoy playing responsibly, and use it as another way of fun and excitement. There are no strategies, and it is just luck.

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