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Below you will find the most important information about playing poker at idn poker rooms.

Live tournaments

All poker idn Tournaments played in Idn poker rooms are so-called live tournaments. The tournaments played in Idn online poker are so-called online tournaments. Tournaments are available at Casino Helsinki and selected Feel Vegas.

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Casino Helsinki tournament tickets are sold at the casino box office. As a rule, tickets can also be booked from customer service. Reserved tickets for weekly tournaments must be redeemed no later than 15 minutes after the start of the tournament. Booking policies for other tournaments will be announced separately. The player must purchase their own ticket in person.

  • Tickets for Feel Vegas poker tournaments can be purchased at all Gaming Venues and Feel Vegas. The name of the player who purchased the ticket from another location will be provided to the poker room hosting the tournament. The actual certificate of participation will not be given to the player.
  • Tickets for some Feel Vegas tournaments can be booked by calling the arcade. Reserved tickets must be redeemed no later than one hour before the start of the tournament.

Accepted payment methods are cash and a debit card in all gaming halls. Those who go to the casino must identify themselves at the reception; the identity of everyone will be checked on the first visit to the casino. A photo ID is therefore included. There is no actual strict dress code at the casino. Neat dress is enough. However, the casino guest does not wear an outdoor jacket or sportswear.

Late registration

Tournaments can still be registered after the start of the tournament if there are seats left. In Feel Vegas, the post-registration time is 60 minutes. In Casino Helsinki’s weekly or ranking tournaments, it is 30 minutes and the post-registration time for other tournaments will be announced separately.

Delay from the start of the tournament

A idn poker player who has registered for a tournament can still enter the poker room after the tournament has started. However, the player’s chips will be placed on the table at the end of the post-registration period, at which point the appropriate starting bets will be drawn from the player’s chip stack.


In Feel Vegas, when the tournament is full, a player can sign up for a waiting list. The waiting list is in use for the post-registration period. So getting into the tournament from the queue may not happen.


There is no redemption or redemption option in the tournament format and you cannot re-register for the tournament once you have dropped out.


In the tournament, there is a possibility to buy tokens again when the number of tokens is at most the starting stack. The length of the buy-back period is stated in the tournament data.

Add on

In a Rebuy tournament, after the buy-back period, there is the option to make an additional buy-in, which usually results in double the number of tokens. The price of an additional purchase is usually the same as the purchase price.


You can re-register for the tournament within the re-registration period once you have dropped out.