Sports Venture Club and Seventy-six Capital Launch Sports Venture Fund II

The sports industry is big business and if you’re a fan of any sport, you’ve likely heard of the Sports Venture Club. The company has been in business for more than 30 years and continues to thrive with a focus on the most diverse range of products. It also forms partnerships with professional sports teams in the southwest to provide flexible retail services for team shop operations and events. Its ecommerce site management service brings all of the necessary components under one roof, from design and development to order fulfillment and customer service.

Sport Hiatus

After the recent COVID shutdown, the sports world is returning. From the English Premier League to the Italian Serie A, private equity companies are taking advantage of this renewed interest in the industry. Leading private equity firms such as Bain Capital and CVC Capital Partners are reportedly competing to acquire sports assets. In fact, the company recently launched a live video series called Office Hours featuring thought leaders in the sports business.

Manticore Games

The founders of Manticore Games, Frederic Descamps and Jordan Maynard were former employees of Zynga, EA and Trion Worlds. They created the company with the hopes of revolutionizing game development. They’re not the first company to focus on sports-themed games, as the game company Playroom has created a similar sport-themed app. But the founders’ previous success is a testament to the power of the internet and the potential of online gaming UFABET.

GreenPark Sports

The GreenPark Sports Venture Club is a social game where players can compete to destroy the fans of rival teams. Developed by a team of all-stars, the game is based on live sports data and targets all major sports, including eSports. Founded by Chad Hurley, Nick Swinburne, and Ken Martin, GreenPark Sports recently closed a $8.5 million seed round, backed by Signal Fire, Sapphire Sports, Founders Fund, and SV Angel.

Seventy-six Capital

The venture capital firms Seventy-six Capital and Sports Venture Fund are raising money to launch their second sports-focused investment fund. They want to clothe entrepreneurs who are building game-changing sports, esports, and sports technology companies. Wayne Kimmel, managing partner at Seventy-six Capital, commented on the new fund. Kimmel said that seventy-six is establishing itself as a “go-to” company for sports entrepreneurs.

Stadia Ventures

If you’re interested in getting involved in the sports startup world, Stadia Ventures might be right for you. Their accelerator program has more than 40 companies in its portfolio, five of which were successful exits. In this video, Stadia Ventures’ Mike Bynum discusses the benefits of working with the accelerator program and the adjustments necessary when sports aren’t played. He also talks about how startup budgets can be affected by the absence of games.

HBSE Ventures

HBSE Ventures is a group of investors that partners with entrepreneurs to develop sports tech companies. Its team includes world-class venture investors and sports industry experts. It has invested in a wide range of companies, including NBA 2K League Team Homecourt, strength training startup Proteus Motion, and live streaming audience measurement firm Stream Meter. In addition to sports tech investments, HBSE is also actively engaged in new ventures, including Sixers Innovation Lab and HBSE Ventures.

Africa Sports Ventures Group

The Africa Sports Ventures Group is a for-profit Limited Liability Sports Solutions and Services Corporation. The company engages in various profit-making business ventures in various fields, such as sports, travel and tourism, entertainment, and more. The company looks for new opportunities and enters into joint ventures when they are deemed appropriate to generate revenue or achieve certain objectives. Its mission is to empower and promote African sports. Founded in 2014, the company has since helped more than 30 sports programs across Africa.